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Large Crisper Bin and Shelf Coaster :: set of 3

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Large Fridge Coasters are designed for crisper bins, deli bins, pantry drawers.  Place Large Coasters directly on glass shelves and wire racks use two Large Coasters side by side for wide glass shelves and in full length siding pantry drawers found in French Top refrigerators.   A pack includes 3 large coasters.

  • No more scrubbing bulky crisper bins
  • Provides a natural breathable layer between the plastic bin and your fresh produce extending the life of produce prone to bruising.
  • 100% recyclable, biodegradable, compostable.

Microscopic mesh holds the material tight so it will not bubble, or fall apart like cardboard when wet.  Guaranteed.

This product is not washable.  Recycle or compost and replace; easy as that!