We strive to make everyday life better.  We know all you awesome home keepers are the front lines of a smooth operating household.  Our promise is to provide the best and most logical solution for protecting your time when it comes to cleaning out the refrigerator.  We know you have better things to do.   

We have had the refrigerator liner market cornered with the launch of our first website and ecommerce store in February 2012.  You are currently visiting the 3rd version of FridgeCoaster.com.  You might be thinking 3rd?  Huh, why didn't they get it right the first time?  The "do over" is a must and that, in a nutshell, is how we got here.  Our first production Fridge Coaster examples were hand cut, literally.   In a hot garage in the south with a wooden template, a box cutter and a passion to not have to spend hours scrubbing fridge bins.  We made hundreds of Door Coasters, Original Shelf Coasters and a Larger Crisper Coasters (minus the perforation lines) and brought the all white coasters out to local farmer markets where we sold out.  Leaving us scratching our heads and asking ourselves how do we do this, like for real. (in our best teenage girl voice)   

Before we get there. Why did we decide to do this in the first place?  Well, disappointment got us here.  We were disappointed by leaky baby bottles.  Disappointed by the Worcestershire sauce that dripped after use and stained the bin in our brand new fridge in our brand new home.  Disappointed when Google searches came back with plastic liners for our already plastic bins.  We all know that would just create double the work (insert banging head against wall) not absorb anything, not dry out, require us to remove all our condiments just to clean both a funky plastic liner and the bin because those drips somehow still got underneath, ahhhh!  Disappointed the felt liners caused everything to slide around like it was on ice, also not dry out, and provide pretty much next to no real absorption.  Wait, why am I'm putting a refrigerator liner through the washer and dryer?... Do I wipe the bottom of each condiment and put it back in while I wait or do I leave them out for two days because you know I don't have time to just wait for washer and dryer cycles all day.   Who's ready for a drink?

Could our fridge be the only nasty fridge?  Lets check.  The next time you're at a friends house, family members or maybe even yours.  Toss your thoughts of being rude out the window, grab the handle your BFF's fridge door and take a quick look under the ranch dressing.   Nasty.  So long story short, we had to do this.  Cleaning the refrigerator is a daunting task, crisper bins don't fit in the sink.  The glass shelves are supposed to come out but don't because fridge grime glued it to the frame.  Who has time or patience for this BTW isn't there a two year old about to get under the sink and eat a dishwasher pod?  

Fridge Coasters keep your refrigerator bins cleaner longer. Period.   Take a deep breath, help is finally here. 

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