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Door Pack – set of 2


Door Pack – set of 3 – fridge liner


Door+ Pack (gallon plus) – set of 2


Door+ Pack (Gallon Plus) – set of 3 – fridge liners


Fridge Pack – fridge liners – set of 6


Fridge Pack+ (Gallon plus) – set of 6 – Fridge Liners


Large Crisper/Shelf Pack – set of 2 – fridge liner


Large Crisper/Shelf Pack – set of 3 – fridge liner


Wounded Warrior Fridge Coasters

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Side by Side Refrigerator Liners

Top Freezer Refrigerator Liners

French Top Refrigerator Liners

French Top Refrigerator Liners

Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Liners


Wipe your Fridge Coasters with the soft side of your kitchen sponge as needed. Fridge Coasters are not dishwasher safe.
Yes. If they get wet, lay them out to dry and reuse.
We recommend replacing your Fridge Coasters when you replace your refrigerator’s water filter or as needed.
If ANY raw meat comes in contact with your Fridge Coaster, recycle and replace it.
Food industry-grade, quick-drying, hard-pressed wood pulp coaster board (2mm thick).
Yes. Fridge Coasters are 100% biodegradable and recyclable.
“Will absorb 4 – 5x their weight within 30 seconds after a spill” – actual Fridge Coaster test report from NSF (National Sanitation Foundation).
We use a digital UV printer; the ink is printed then cured with ultraviolet light. This allows the ink to never bleed outside of is original printed shape – even when fully submerged in water!
Fridge Coaster Fridge Liner FAQ

Fridge Coaster vs. Rubber liner or Rubber mat

A rubber mat or liner will require time invested to clean/scrub and dry. You will also need to remove your condiments from the bins for a while during the rubber mat cleaning process. Don’t forget, after all, that you’re going to have to remove those bulky bins, scrub them out and re-install them too. Fridge Coasters are a quick and eco-friendly. You simply take out your condiments replace the absorbent quick drying Fridge Coaster. You’re done!

Rubber mats will not dry inside your refrigerator. Rubber mats also do not absorb quickly. A rubber placemat stays wet longer allowing condiment drips to transfer to countertops. Rubber mats create an “absence of air” blocking air flow between produce and the plastic bin, making produce go bad faster than normal. Fridge Coasters will be dry to the touch in minutes. Fridge Coaster’s material is extremely breathable allowing produce to last longer because of increased air flow in between the plastic bin and your produce.



"Wow!!!! You exemplify what customer service is all about!!!!  I LOVE my fridge coasters!  They make my fridge look amazing and help to keep it clean!   You are a stellar company and I will be ordering again and telling everyone I know about your awesome product!"


“Finally! A reason to open the fridge that doesn't involve getting extra calories:)) Yeah, love it!”

"Thanks for making my cleanup a SNAP! Got all of my rent deposit back and didn't even have to clean the fridge. Your product protected all the shelves inside and made my life a lot easier. HOORAY! Thanks again"


“Just found your product and I love, love, love it!”


“Now why didn't I think of "Fridge Coaster!" So much better than the paper towels I use!”


Giving Back

Our Cause

Fridge Coaster takes all the proceeds from each sale of our Wounded Warrior Fridge Coasters and makes a donation on behalf of the  customer, directly to the Wounded Warrior Project.

About Fridge Coaster

Today’s new refrigerators are awesome. Cool to the point most people actually get really excited when they pick out their new fridge. Personally, I think it’s the most underrated kitchen appliance. It makes pudding in just a few hours and keeps my organic baby spinach crisp for days. Aside from the fridge I think I could probably make it with just a sink and a charcoal Webber grill. But really people choose their refrigerators because they look great, matching your kitchen to your lifestyle. It has sleek lines, the internet, LED lights, carbonated water and tons of space for all your favorite food. Heck you might even show it off from time to time.

Keeping it clean on the other hand seems to be a losing battle. Why all the fight and why all the fuss? It’s not like my refrigerator is going to soccer games or hiking nature trails. However, it collects milk rings faster than my pants collect hitchhikers in tall grass. Furthermore there has got to be a solution which does not require the removal of my BBQ collection once a month to scrub those darn bins that don’t fit in the sink anyway, Ugh! Alas, the search has ended. Bravo! Fridge Coaster, Bravo! Keeping the fridge clean has become a bit of a hot topic lately and we have taken notice. We have been working hand in hand with amazing home keepers across the country for the past 3 years. Perfecting our product to provide our customers with the only functional and sustainable refrigerator liners on the market today.

Ben Rudnick

Chief Operating Officer
"It was in our own home that the idea for Fridge Coaster was born. With a family of four, our refrigerator got nasty fast and I was sick of scrubbing it. I knew there had to be an easier way."
Favorite Fridge Coaster:
Door Coaster in the WWP

Ashlyn Rayzor

Creative Director
"I love that our product adds a little bit of color and fun to an unexpected place in your kitchen. It will make you smile every time you open the fridge."
Favorite Fridge Coaster:
Crisper Bin Coaster in Plum Polka Dots

Caitlin Lanier

Customer Support

"Providing a functional, useful product is only half of it. Providing excellent customer support service is what sets us apart."

Favorite Fridge Coaster:
Fridge Pack in Blue

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